I'm Gerard Grey, based in South East Cornwall. I develop web, desktop and phone (Android) apps. For a recent example of some items I have put together, check out the links under "audio" above for some interactive HTML5 sound and music apps.

WebAudio demos

Loopslicer is an app for chopping up drum breaks or other short musical phrases, typically used to decompose a bar or two of drumming into separate "hits." The slices can be exported to a ZIP file along with a SFZ sampler file and a MIDI file retaining the timing and tempo information of the original musical phrase.
This phase vocoder can change the time or pitch of any audio file loaded into it independently, so you can change the pitch without changing the speed or vice versa. Phase vocoders are used in musical production and transcription, voice-changing pranks, etc.
FFTGate Denoiser is a result of my experimenting with various tweaks to the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) denoising algorithm. Load up the source code in your browser and/or email me if you really want to know the details of the tweaks.
Multifreeze is a "spectral freezing" effect for isolating a small fragment of a sound and turning it into an ambient texture. The app splits the audio into 24 frequency bands that you can freeze and free again ad libitum.

Older Android apps

You may have heard through the grapevine, perhaps from a lecture by a certain Mr. Vanderlay, about some Android apps of mine that are not available on Google Play. Drop me a line letting me know who you are and I'll let you know what is still available.
I am also still available for commissions in that area. Get in touch if you have an idea in the field that might work well as a phone app and you need a free and confidential consultation. I can go over feasibility, technical, ergonomic and routining issues with you.


I develop front-end and/or back-end web applications in a number of languages including Javascript, PHP and Python. If you need a standalone Android phone or tablet app, or a Windows-based desktop application developing, also do not hesitate to contact me for a discussion and quote. I use a variety of different methods to build native apps including Java, C++, Python and the newer technologies such as Electron.js, to name a few. I work in strict confidentiality and your ideas are safe with me.


Email me at gerardgrey59@gmail.com.
Skype: ged_grey

If you are contacting me about development work, here are a couple of points that you might want to mull over first:

If you just want to chat about computer music, or anything else touched upon in this website, I also look forward to hearing from you. As the Web is a global medium I should add that I keep UK hours (GMT) but I will endeavour to answer enquiries from overseas as soon as possible.