About this app:

A web demo of a "spectral freezing" effect that captures and holds a short frame of sound from an audio file. For the fun of it, this app separates the spectrum into 24 sub-bands, and you can choose to freeze some, all or none of them as you go. Simply flip the switches to isolate and spectrally freeze parts of the incoming audio.

Use the Open button to select a wave file, or drag and drop onto the wave display. Click on the waveform to play without looping, or click the Loop button (or hit the Space bar) to loop playback (press Space again to stop playback). You can adjust the red L/R markers to delineate the loop.

Clicking the Save button will save whatever is between the L and R markers with the settings applied.

As with the other web apps in this series, all processing is done entirely on your own machine with none of your information uploaded to a server. You can even use this program without an internet connection once it is loaded into your browser.

This app's source code is on Github. Original contributions by myself licensed under the MIT license; all third party code provided as licensed by its original authors.

Waveform view and playback powered by wavesurfer.js, licensed under, with modifications by myself.

The vocoder sample is from the Berklee College Sampling Archive, licensed under